Luxury Porta Potty

portable toilet trailer at a wine vineyard
What is a luxury trailer porta potty

A luxury porta potty is a unit designed for comfort! No other portable potties match the luxury offered by these units. Your guests will not be able to tell that they are not using a home washroom. These units are designed for high-end events that need to maintain a certain standard of luxury. They also come on trailers for easier movement. These units are spacious with running water, electricity, and air conditioning systems. Luxury trailer porta potties are all about class and comfort!

What to consider


Luxury trailer portable potties are designed to offer comfort as the name suggests, so they come with additional features. These porta potties are just as comfortable as your home washroom; you will barely notice the difference. These units should first come with multiple toilets and urinals. Others also have changing rooms and baby stations. The units should also be designed with inbuilt resources such as electricity and running water. Some units even provide hot running water. These units are also fixed with air conditioning to eliminate foul smell for luxury.

The units should also come with ample storage space to replace tissues and refill hand sanitizer dispensers on their own. These units should also come with vanities and mirrors. Some also come with shelves and coat hangers so one can use the washroom comfortably. These units should also be finished with high-quality finishing such as fake marble and wood paneling that will catch the eye.


Luxury trailer portable potty should be big enough to hold multiple toilets, urinals, and changing stations. These toilets should also be spacious inside for maximum comfort. These units should also be big to hold a handwashing station and vanity. The interior of these units should be very spacious for comfort.

Type of event

The type of event you are hosting will dictate whether you hire a luxury trailer and how many you should hire. Events such as weddings, family and friends’ barbeque, official meetings, and corporate events warrant luxury trailers. It will be very expensive to hire these units for events such as food festivals and concerts unless you hire for a specific group such as VIP promoters and performers.

Number of people

Luxury porta potties are designed for use by a few people. Regular and deluxe portable potties would be more suited to serve large crowds. If you are hosting an intimate party with just a few people you would like to impress, go for the luxury trailer portable potty. You can, however, opt to hire a couple of these units, but it may be too expensive.

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