Regular Porta Potty

porta potty out doorsRegular porta potties are a cheap and compact toilet solution for construction sites, public works, road trips, and many other events. Besides basic amenities, this type of portable restroom comes with an additional range of features that add to the comfort and safety of the process. Once you decide to rent a regular porta potty in Nashville, you get a variety of features including: a top-performing ventilation, an oversized tank, heavy-duty doors, and a toilet paper dispenser.


In spite of being small-sized, the regular porta potty boasts a 70-gallon tank that allows for a long-lasting service, removing the need for a frequent waste removal. This is a perfect solution for construction sites with many employees, concerts that bring together lots of people, as well as open-air weddings with a large number of guests. The small size of the regular porta potty has some advantages. First of all, finding a place to locate the restroom is much easier as it doesn’t require much space. At the same time, by renting more porta potties and placing them on the construction site or festival premises, you allow more people at once satisfy their body needs.

The unit has a separate men’s urinal to allow men take a more comfortable position while relieving themselves. The ventilation is ensured by large cascade vents that facilitate the supply of clean and fresh air inside the box, while neutralizing and removing bad odors. The floor of the portable restroom is durable enough to resist any body mass. In addition, the floor is anti-slip, which minimizes the risk of casual slippage leading to injuries.

Regular porta potties for rent in Nashville are equipped with a fully stocked paper supply that comes excellently in handy for crowded festivals, construction sites, busy hiking trails, and long stays on camping sites, ensuring that all restroom’s users will have access to paper. Also, you can include in the rental package a hand sanitizer that is based on powerful antibacterial agents ensuring a clean environment. If you plan a long-term rent, you can get a large-size bottle of sanitizer to guarantee it suffices for more uses. Moreover, as soon as you realize that you will also need to use porta potty during night, you should rent also a lighting kit to ensure a clear visibility in the dark time. You will find extremely easy to mount the lighting device on the wall or ceilling.

When it comes to safety measures, the door of the unit is vandal-resistant being durable enough to withstand aggressive kicks. You have the opportunity to secure the door with an indicator lock, making the door a hard nut to crack for those that try to open it using force. The locking mechanism alerts when the toilet is in use through a red indicator, which suggests that the door is locked, while a green indicator is displayed when nobody is inside the unit. The indicator lock allows you to have peaceful experience and not be disturbed by anyone that also intends to use the restroom.