Deluxe Porta Potty

High end portable toilet isolated on a white backgroundBack in the 1940s, people saw the birth of the first ever porta potty, also known as portable toilet, in the town of Long Beach in California. It was conceptualized and made by a dock loading supervisor which he placed in a ship to boost work efficiency as his work crew need to walk back all the way to the shore just to use a restroom. Companies saw the potential of such innovation and since then, portable toilets have been a mainstay in public spaces or organized events, giving you the comfort of knowing that it got your back whenever nature suddenly calls.

Traveling toilets went from being made with bulky wood panels to the very familiar plastic form it has today, which made it lighter and very easy to transport to where it needs to be. Although they are very useful indeed, portable toilets, especially those found in public places, tend to become very unsanitary in a short period of time. This had led to further innovations which brought upon us, a new kind of traveling bathroom aptly called Deluxe Porta Potty. In this article, we will explore its useful features as well as its advantages compared to a regular portable toilets.

A deluxe porta potty in its essence is the closest you can get to a very real restroom experience that the regular one cannot seem to satisfy. The following are among its best functions and features:

The space

If you hate the feeling of being cramped in a portable toilets, then you’ll probably benefit from this feature the most. A deluxe porta potty is 20% larger than the standard models which ensures that you have plenty of room to move around and be comfortable as you proceed to do your business inside. The size increase also made it possible to install a sink inside, along with other sanitary essentials you might need.

Fully self-contained

Our main concern should always be sanitation as most diseases are preventable if we just regularly wash our hands. In a deluxe porta potty, you will find a soap dispenser, paper towels, and a lot of toilet paper. The sink as well as the flushing mechanism is operated through a foot pump so you won’t have to touch stuff that are possibly contaminated with a lot of germs.

The privacy

It’s easy to imagine that one of our most vulnerable moments is when we do our business inside a restroom. What more when you do it where there are a lot of people. Inside a deluxe porta potty, you won’t need to feel anxious for your privacy as it features a lockable door with an indicator that it is currently in-use. It is also properly ventilated which ensures that you’ll feel the comfort you would only find in a genuine restroom.

Your portable toilet experience should not be as uncomfortable as it currently is, especially if you are a guest that paid so much money for an event in Nashville only to find yourself in a bad bathroom situation. If you are an event organizer, the priority should always be the happiness of the guests as they are the ones who decide whether an event is successful or not. With a deluxe porta potty, you will make the experience of your guests much more memorable and will surely encourage them to stay longer.