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Ryman Auditorium

The Grand Ole Opry, also known as the Ole Brother’s, is a Sunday morning country music radio show based in Nashville, TN. The Ole Brother’s has been broadcasting to listeners in the area since 1923 and still broadcasts to more than a dozen states on its WOWR (Wide Range Radio) program.

The Grand Ole Opry, as it is known by its fans, was founded by singer and songwriter George D. Hay, an avid country music fan who wanted a live-performance venue that offered a great variety of music to its audience. The Grand Ole Opry was originally a one-minute radio “barn dance” called WSM, which is still broadcasting on WOWR to this day.

The Grand Ole Opry continues to broadcast to over a dozen states to date, and the most recent recordings to be played were by country music legend Merle Haggard in January, 2020. It is the only live-performance venue in the United States where such popular music can be heard from a television set. On its website, the Ole Brother’s states that, if there is ever a need to relocate the show to another location or even just a new venue, they will “make every effort to accommodate the need, but will take into account the location, entertainment requirements, financial stability of the company, and timing of the show in the context of other events in the market.”

A visit to the official website of the Grand Ole Opry Nashville TN shows that there are two concert locations within the Nashville area. The main location is an auditorium located in the City Center, Nashville’s largest shopping and business complex.

Located directly across the street from the auditorium are other attractions such as the Nissan Stadium, the new Tennessee Titans football stadium, Nissan Stadium, and the Nashville Predators ice hockey arena. The Ryman Auditorium is also a popular gathering place for the local and visiting musical artists in the Nashville community and throughout the world. With a large stage and many seating options, the Ryman is one of the top venues in the country for live-performance entertainment and is a popular choice for corporate events, weddings, and other special events.

The Ryman Auditorium is owned by the Opry Entertainment Company and offers a wide variety of ticket options for both its main venue and various performance locations including the various performance areas. This venue is used to help plan and organize local musical and sports events and corporate events.

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