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Belle Meade Plantation

Nashville is a city rich in history, with many places for a lifelong learner to engage with the stories of our shared past. The Belle Meade Plantation is one of the must-see locations for any history buff (or winery fan) to visit while touring Nashville.

Visitors can choose from three guided tours available at Belle Meade, each with its own style and subject area. The Mansion Tour (the most popular tour of the plantation) is a guided walk through the Belle Meade Mansion, grounds, and the outbuildings of the property. This 30-minute tour will take you back in time as you explore the Greek Revival Mansion build in 1853. Discover how the term “southern hospitality” got its roots in this gorgeous stately home. The first floor of the mansion is wheelchair accessible, as well as an elevator that provides access to the upper and lower floors of the Visitor Center (included in the tour).

Guests can also choose to take the Journey to Jubilee tour, which shares the stories of the African-Americans who were brought to Belle Meade as slaves, and those who were born into slavery there. This outdoor walking tour covers nearly a century of history, taking you from the days of slavery to the Emancipation to the close of Belle Meade Plantation in 1906. Using primary sources as your guide, this tour brings to life the important history of the men, women, and children who kept Belle Meade running. This tour is not ADA accessible and is only accessible for teenagers and adults due to the honest, raw conversations surrounding the topic of slavery.

Lastly, guests can select a Segway tour of the Belle Meade arboretum and grounds. While traveling the nearly 30-acres of land, guests will learn about the history of the famous Jackson and Harding families, the workers who made Belle Meade tick, and the various operations that were conducted at the plantation during the 1800s. This tour is limited to those who are 16 and older.

All tours end with a complimentary wine tasting for guests who are 21 and older at the on-site winery. Specialty food and wine pairings are offered daily, so be sure to check out what is on the menu the day of your tour! YOu can even buy some wine to take home or create a custom gift box to share with a loved one.

Guests are also encouraged to visit the on-site restaurant: The Belle Meade Meat & Three. This home-style southern eatery is decorated with historical photographs from the plantation and the many events that were held there over its years of operation. From backyard barbecues, to weddings, horse sales, and even a presidential picnic or two! The tradition of southern hospitality and the culinary tradition of smoked meat continues at the Belle Meade Meat & Three.

The plantation is also available for event rentals, such as weddings, with a variety of venues available for both indoor and outdoor events. Interested couples can also rent extra accommodations such as yard games during cocktail hour. Complimentary on-site parking is available for all wedding guests, too.

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